Friday, September 30, 2005

Roberts sworn in as chief justice

Chief Justice John Roberts

A rare event in American history happened yesterday: we have a new Supreme Court Chief Justice: John Roberts.

Justice Roberts made a very strong, positive impression on my during his confirmation hearings. I feel very confident that he will be an excellent Chief Justice.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Random Acts of Poetry

Now here is an interesting idea: reading poetry to complete strangers:

The second annual Random Acts of Poetry week is a Canadian initiative that promotes poetry, poets and literacy in a fresh way to everyday people in their everyday lives. This year, 27 poets from across Canada will be joined by 10 poets from England, Scotland and Ireland, making the event truly international after only one year. Watch for local poets from your community reading poems to people on the street, at bus stops, schools, libraries, hair salons and in local schools.

I'd love to here the after-action report from those involved...

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Vatican set to ban gay men joining priesthood

Looks like the pope is finally going to shut the door on gay men joining the priesthood. Unlike some of it's protestant counterparts, the church has never recognized homosexuality as being normal, though it has allowed many homosexuals to become priests.

From the article:
HOMOSEXUALS, even those who are celibate, will be barred from becoming Roman Catholic priests under stricter rules soon to be released, according to reports yesterday.

A Church official "with authoritative knowledge of the new rules" was quoted as saying the question was not "if it will be published, but when", referring to the new ruling about homosexuality in Catholic seminaries.