Friday, January 21, 2005

How did the dinosaurs become extinct? Global warming, of course...

Not satisfied that we are taking "global warming" seriously enough, the fear-mongers of the far left have now found "new evidence" that global warming was the true cause of the mass extinction of pre-historic beasts.

But it was the result of ancient greenhouse gas spewing volcanoes, not SUV's, that caused this global mass extinction.

According to the article "Global Warming not Collisions caused mass extinction on Earth," no evidence has been found that a large object, like an asteroid or comet, had hit the earth. (Obviously the large pre-historic crater in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico doesn't count...)

Well, at least Walt Disney has now been vindicated. It was in his movie "Fantasia" (during the Stravinsky tune "Rite of Spring") where we see a tremendous global famine caused by an intense heat wave wiping out the dinosaurs.

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