Monday, February 20, 2006

Dissent from Darwinism

It's no secret that there are many Americans, especially Christians, who do not view the neo-Darwinian model of "evolution" as being a valid representation of the "origin of species."

The problem is simply this: the classical evolutionary model with its twin pillars of random mutation and natural selection is simply incapable of producing the variety of very specialized life-forms that we find all around us. There is simply no evidence that slow, unguided mutations can generate anything more than variations, certainly not entirely new species with radically different body forms and morphology.

However, this does not mean that dissenters hold to a book of Genesis, "God created everything in six days" worldview either.

The problem with Darwinian evolution is that it has been used as a big stick by militant atheists to bang the heads of those poor, dim-witted, Bible-thumping Fundamentalists. To be blunt: Darwinian evolution became the atheist's creation myth. Since science was so enamored with the theory, it became a very big, powerful stick indeed, especially with bogus claims that it was a religiously "neutral" theory, a claim that can be easily disproven.

Now, after 150 years, it seems that science is no closer to proving Darwinian evolution than when evolutionary theory first originated. The same problem reamains today as was first noted by Darwin: species do NOT form by a nearly infinite series of tiny gradual changes, but if they change into anything at all, it must be through HUGE, GIANT STEPS that have never, ever been observed, nor could they possibly occur given our present knowledge of cellular biology.

There is a growing list of PhD's who are publically announcing their dissastisfaction with the neo-Darwinian evolutionary theory. For more about this movement, check out this website: "Dissent From Darwinism"

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