Thursday, August 30, 2007

"Feelings? Yes, Feelings..."

From the excellent "Catholic Analysis" blog:
In the felt experience wherein the soul finds the certitude that God is within it, the soul is given the grace of wanting God so perfectly that everything in it is in true and not false harmony. False harmony exists when the soul says that it wants God but does not really mean it, because its desire for God is not true in everything, in every way, or in every respect. Its desire for God is true when all the members of the body are in harmony with the soul, and the soul in turn is in such harmony with the heart and with the entire body that it becomes one with them and responds as one for all of them. Then the soul truly wants God, and this desire is granted to it through grace.

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Tim said...

Welcome back. Hope that this means we will once again be seeing more of you about the place!

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