Thursday, May 27, 2004

Welcome to the Theodicy BLOG

Thanks to Marc van der Woude and his blog site Marc's Messages I've decided to enter the wonderful world of blogging. I've already been experimenting with blogging since December '03, but just used it as a means to record favorites sites and to list books I wanted to read. Marc's article "Why I blog and Goooooogle" served as my main motivation to begin a REAL blog.

Now I'm inspired to actually write something meaningful, rather than just post a list of links to interesting web sites. I deleted all 22 of my previous blog entries, and am starting all over as of today.

The main purpose of this blog will be to discuss articles, especically those that appear on my "main" web site: Many of the articles are things that I've seen on Marc's web site, plus those things that I find interesting in my various meanderings through the World Wide Web. I'm also beginning to post original articles on the site, and will link to those articles from here, for those who'd like to comment on them or discuss them further.

Forgive me if this site is a bit bland at this time. Over the course of the next several months, I hope to have a list of links to other interesting blogs and web sites, as well as a list of "must read" books for those who are interested.

May God bless you, and keep you, and may His mighty right hand be upon you.

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