Tuesday, November 23, 2004

WorldNetDaily: American Christians to prevent 'Eurabia'? Geopolitical expert Jack Wheeler sees AMERICAN missionaries rescuing Europe"

Here's a very interesting article I found at the WorldNetDaily site: American Christians to prevent 'Eurabia'?:

Dr. Jack Wheeler is one of the most interesting and original people you're ever likely to come across. He, like many other people, are seeing that Europe is endangering iteself by trying to align itself with the Arab Middle-East, and allowing the immigration of Muslims into their countries in ever increasing numbers.

Of course Islam isn't Europe's only problem, their famed "tolerance" is just a code word for what is more correctly termed hedonism. As history has demonstrated repeatedly, hedonism is the highway to destruction. You think the lesson of Sodom and Gamorah would ring some bells, but then again you'd have to be familiar with the Bible to know that story, and too many Europeans wish to distance themselves from the Bible or any other book that might place limits on their immoral behavior.

Every Christian minister I know of who has extensively traveled and visited Europe says the same thing: it's a religious and moral wasteland. That's not to say there's not some very committed and caring Christians in Europe, but rather that there influence is small, if not irrelevant.

So what is Dr. Wheeler's prescription for dealing with the moral demise of Europe? Christian missionaries from AMERICA!!! Sounds strange, I know, but his argument is a good one.

The reason why Islam is becoming increasingly militant and hostile to just about every other culture and religion on the planet is due to their sending out "missionaries" who are spreading the "gospel" of militant Islam. It is no secret that the Suadis are the chief financiers of this effort.

So, if Islamic missionaries can have such a major impact for evil, perhaps American Christian missionaries can have the same impact for good!

While I'm sympathetic to Dr. Wheeler's plan, I personally believe that the Europeans are far too complacent about their slow, steady decline to want to change. But it wouldn't hurt to offer them a choice...

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