Monday, November 22, 2004

The Key-Holders

There is a remarkable story about Afghanistan published by James S. Robbins of National Review Online.

It seems that before the trouble with the Soviet invansion and subsequent trouble with the Taliban, the Kabul Museum of Afghan history had a tremendous collection of artifacts that spanned thousands of years of history, and were worth many millions of dollars.

Of course war came to Afghanistan, and the museum was looted, bombed, and generally neglected. The artwork and treasures gone, and most people thought gone for good.

But a remarkable thing has happened....the museum has re-opened, and the treasures and artwork thought completely lost are now coming back to the museum! How is this possible? The key is an Afghan tradition known as the "key-holder."

To read about this remarkable story, click here: National Treasures -Preserving Afghanistan's history

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