Thursday, August 19, 2004

"Aqua" the Betta Fish

Here are some pictures of my new pet betta fish "Aqua." Click on any of the photos to see a larger image.

Aqua really likes his moneywort aquatic plant. He often rests on the leaves of the plant like a bird pirching on a branch! This picture helps explain why people really enjoy having these fish: their colors are incredible.

Here's a picture of Aqua's home, a 2.5 gallon "Mini Bow" aquarium, sold at almost every pet store under the sun as well as Wal-Mart. As you can plainly see, Aqua's tank is well equiped. Here's a list of what he's got, where it came from, and the price.
- Mini Bow 2.5 Aquarium (PetSmart - $28.00)
- Blue aquarium gravel (PetCo)
- Moneywort aquatic plant (PetSmart - $1.99)
- Greek Column (PetCo - $0.99)
- Castle ornament (PetSmart - $1.99 on sale)
- Thermometer (Wal-Mart $1.17)

Aqua himself came from a small privately-owned petstore in town called "Birds and Beasts."

The black monolith behind the moneywort is a in-tank Tetra-brand Micro "Whisper" filter that came with the aquarium. You can see Aqua in the upper right-hand corner by the thermometer.

No, I didn't add dish soap to Aqua's water! This is a picture looking down into his tank, and clearly shows another of the peculiar traits of betta fish: bubble nests. Yes, Aqua himself created those bubbles as a nest for betta eggs. Amongst betta fish, males are stay-at-home dads, building the nest and caring for the young while the mother quickly swims away after laying the eggs. Aqua doesn't have a mate, so I'm not exactly sure why he felt it was necessary to make a nest! Perhaps it's just his way of putting a "seal-of-approval" on his new home.

Here's another view of Aqua showing off his long flowing fins and tail. It's easy to see why these are called "veil tail" bettas.

A final shot of Aqua sitting in front of his castle, enjoying his new home. In the background you can make out other fish from a neighboring community tank that serves as the backdrop to Aqua's aquarium.

All pictures taken with an Olympus D450 Digital Camera, available light used for all photos except for the betta bubbles.

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