Thursday, September 09, 2004


CBS News is wanting to run a big TV special on how President Bush missed some of his duty time while serving in the Texas Air National Guard.

However....the documents they are using to support these allegations are very bad forgeries! The people at the Free Republic web site first noticed it, after CBS posted copies of the documents on the Internet.

For more information, see this link: New Questions On Bush Guard Duty [CBS USES FORGERIES TO SMEAR THE PRESIDENT!!!!!]

Having served in the U.S. Air Force, one quick look at the documents posted by CBS were enough to convince me they were fakes. No typewriter ever existed in the Air Force or Air National Guard that could print proportionally spaced Times Roman font! That capability did not exist before the first Windows PC's and laser printers started to be used, starting about 1992, TWENTY YEARS AFTER the date that appears on these memos! There are also various mistakes in the formatting of abrevations, dates, and other details no typist in the military would ever make, especially one who worked for a commanding officer!

It's bad enough that CBS News wants to throw mud on Bush's time in the Air National Gurad, but using forged documents to do it is just too much! What were they thinking???

It should be noted that NO ONE who has served with Bush in the Air National Guard has come forward to say ANYTHING the least bit critical about him. This is in contrast to John Kerry, where over 250 of his former commrades-in-arms have come out stating that Kerry has grossly over-stated his "heroics" while serving in Vietnam. They also can't stand the fact that he slandered all the men who served in Vietnam by calling them war criminals and barbarians--charges he made in the early 70's to gain favor with the anti-war crowd. Now Kerry wants us to forget about his years in the fore-front of the anti-war movement, and think his four months in Vietnam qualify him to lead the war on terrorism!

Kerry has been blatanly anti-war and anti-military for over thirty years.

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