Friday, September 10, 2004

ImageShack: 60 Minutes BUSTED!

And I thought I would have a nice quiet break from blogging...yeah, right....

Someone has put together a simple Flash demonstration showing how a Air National Guard memo alledgedly typed-up in the early 70's looks exactly like a document created by Microsoft Word!!!

Just click on this link: ImageShack - Hosting :: 60minbusted.swf and then simply watch the screen, the animation plays automatically.

The CBS television show "60 Minutes 2" used the forged documents to discredit President Bush's service in the Texas Air National Gaurd, but all they've succeeded in doing is destroying what little creditability they have.

Also, a major who shared an office with Lt. Col. Killian says that they also both shared the same secretary, who was the only one with a typewriter in the office--an old manual (not even electric!) typewriter.

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