Sunday, September 05, 2004

Pray for Florida!

Radar picture of Hurricane Frances at 1:24 pm EDT.

Unbelievable! This hurricane is HUGE! Most of the state of Florida is being pounded by this monsterous storm, which came ashore last night (Saturday, 9/5/04), and is still hovering over the center of the state.

No one in has ever seen anything like this.

To make things even worst, Frances is a very slow moving system, and is dumping rain by the foot onto an already water-logged state. It is quite possible that Frances won't be through with Florida until Tuesday, when it should pass over the pan-handle portion of the state on it's way to Alabama.

My prayers are that the LORD will calm this storm!

And while Frances pounds Florida, another brand-new Hurricane, IVAN, has just formed in the mid-Atlantic...

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