Friday, December 22, 2006

all I want for Christmas

Well, it's almost time for Mr. S. Claus to begin making his rounds. Not wanting to be left out of this season of giving, I am posting my own small, modest Christmas wish list for all the world to see. I've already forwarded this list to the North Pole, so there's no need for anyone to actually buy me any of these gift ideas. I have no doubt that I'll be finding them under the tree come the morn of December 25th.

Department 56 Coca-Cola Delivery Truck....$20 USD

1. From those wonderful people at Department 56, maker of fine ceramic buildings, I would like their fine ceramic Coca-Cola delivery truck (part# 56.59428). I have a Dept. 56 Christmas display I've put up this year, and this would be an excellent edition to my Christmas village. I already have the Dept. 56 Coca-Cola Soda Fountain.

Lionel Chicago Great Western flat car and truck trailer....$55 USD

2. Once the greatest Christmas toy company of them all, yet still around after all these years: Lionel. From them I would like this limited-edition Chicago Great Western flat car with matching trailer (part# 6-26310). I have a soft spot in my heart for the old Chicago Great Western, a railroad that was merged out of existance in the mid 60's, and was quickly forgotten about. However, part of the old mainline was converted into a nice bike trail that goes from St. Charles to Sycamore, Illinois. The CGW was famous for originating the now familar "piggy-back" service where a truck-trailer was loaded on a flat-car for delivery, saving wear and tear on the truck and driver.

"Flames of War" USA Armored Rifle Platoon with 5 M3 Half-Tracks....$65 USD

What would be a Christmas without a miniature re-inactment of the famous battles of World War II? Far be it from me to ignore this well loved Christmas tradition. So from New Zealand's own Flames of War gaming company, I would like their box set of a U.S. Army armored rifle platoon, complete with five M3 half-tracks (part# UBX01). I'm currently working on a 1500 point USA armored rifle company for use in the Flames of War gaming system, and three of these armored rifle platoons are going to be the core of this force. I will also have some T19 105mm howitzers, and M3 75mm motor gun carriages, all based on the M3 half-track. My inspiration for this half-track army comes from the well known 1970 film Kelly's Heroes. I just hope I don't ever have to play against someone with Tiger tanks...

CD Box Set "Ultimate Christmas Cocktails"....$30 USD

4. I love Christmas music of all kinds, especially compilation albums. Here is one that is on the top of my list for 2006: the "Ulimate Christmas Cocktails" 3 CD box set. All the old greats can be heard on this collection, including Lena Horne, Lou Rawls, Sammy Davis Jr., Bing Crosby and Johny Mercer, to name a few. A must-have for any Christmas music collection.

That's it! A simple, modest list to be sure.

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