Friday, December 29, 2006

LibraryThing : catalog your books online

Oh no, another online service that looks like fun: LibraryThing. Just like the title states, it's a service that lets you catalog your book collection online.

I built my own database for this, but I can already see the advantages of putting my book collection online, and being able to access it anywhere I can get on the internet. Just might have to test this can list up to 200 books for free, or unlimited numbers of books for just $25 USD...lifetime fee...

I just hope there's a way I can catalog my CD's and DVD's as well...

hat tip: ochuk's blog

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J.L. Hinman said...

Hey, Metacrock here. thanks for linking to my blog.I love your blog. I like Merton, he was very interesting. I discovered him about a year after I got saved.

Anonymous said...

Hi, welcome to LibraryThing - the site is currently geared towards books although there have been discussions about CD's, DVD's etc - but it's generally accepted by us (members) that the team work on making it the best online book cataloguing service possible.

LT certainly packs a punch against a couple of "competitors" who are all gloss and looks sitting on top of Amazon data. Whilst LT also gets data from Amazon, as you'll see it also searches a bunch of Libraries (50+ I think) worldwide.

Anyway, enjoy the site - I've just upgraded to a lifetime account myself. If you have any questions, suggestions or bug reports feel free to check out the "Groups" tab - site talk, recommend site improvements, and bug collectors are popular haunts.