Wednesday, January 03, 2007

in praise of: metacrock's blog

In my quest to find excellent resources of theological and philosophical discourse here in cyberspace, I happened upon an excellent little site entitled metacrock's blog (a pun on metacritic perhaps?) hosted by J.L. Hinman. It is an excellent resource for those interested in apologetics: the defense of the Christian faith.

Hinman's superbly written articles are sure to supply much needed cranial stimulation, especially the most recent: "brain chemistry and the presence of God". J.L. evens writes about THEODICY ...for example:
"Now atheists hate the repair to mystery, they see it as a cop out. Ordinarily I have to agree with them. As a former atheist that is one thing that drove me up the wall when I would argue with Christians, every time you get them in a corner they try to get out by repairing to mystery; no one knows the mind of God. I don't think what I'm saying here is that, because I'm not saying we can use this mystery to close down any sort of questioning about theodicy. I'm just saying that the true reasons for it are not something we can ever really know in words; although perhaps we can know it in mystical union with God."

from the article: Waiting for Godot on the Silentest Night of the Year
If you wish to sharpen your apologetic skills, visit metacrock's blog wont' be sorry.

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