Sunday, January 07, 2007

this is tom jones...

Thanks to the Anchoress I've spent too many late nights having all sorts of fun over at YouTube checking out their collection of Tom Jones videos.

Tom Jones was a HUGELY popular singer/performer from the mid 60's to the early 70's. He's still with us and still performing, but not quite as well known as other pop stars from that era. But when he was big, he was REALLY big, including his own TV show: "This is Tom Jones." (1969-1971)

Many of the Tom Jones clips are not able to be embedded into a blog like so many other YouTube videos, so I'm providing the dear readers of this blog a list of the best Tom Jones videos. If you can only watch one, check out What I'd Say as performed on his TV show. Be advised that the videos listed here span a time frame of over 30 years of his career!

Tom Jones: What I'd Say

Tom Jones: Soul Man

Tom Jones: RESPECT

Tom Jones: She's a Lady
(one of his own hit songs)

Tom Jones: Long Tall Sally

Tom Jones: KISS (Yes, this is the song made famous by PRINCE!)

Tom Jones: Moma Told Me Not To Come

Tom Jones: Take Me to the River

Tom Jones: Resurrection Shuffle

Tom Jones: It's Not Unusual
(This is Tom Jones' greatest hit)

And a couple of bonus videos from the Fresh Prince of Bel Aire TV show that feature Carlton dancing to Tom Jones' 'It's Not Unusual.'

Fresh Prince: The Carlton Dance I

Fresh Prince: The Carlton Dance II

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