Monday, January 01, 2007

Spears Falls Asleep in Vegas Nightclub

The year 2007 isn't even 24 hours old, and already we have an actual headline from a leading American "newspaper" that has to be the stupidest headline of the year:

Spears Falls Asleep in Vegas Nightclub -

The "Spears" that the Post is referring to is none other than the famous Britney.

Obvisously the mainstream news media has nothing better to do than report on Britney's social life and sleeping habits. I'm so glad the Associated Press took the time and energy to let us know that she fell asleep in a Vegas nightclub. I can now live a better, more righteous life with that information tuck into my little noggin. Though I do think the news media should also let us know when she has successfully gone to the lady's room as well....can't be too careful.

Yet another reason why I only subscribe to the Wall Street Journal.

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