Monday, June 07, 2004

Ronald Reagan

On Saturday, June 5th, the greatest American President of my lifetime passed away at the age of 93. Ronald Reagan did a tremendous job speaking life into a nation that was filled with self-doubt and hand wringing. He was a man of words and action, not afraid to take a stand against those he felt were the cause of evil. His hatred of communism is legendary, but it was never an extreme, dark hatred. Rather, it was the kind of hatred we could use a lot more of: the hatred of lies, deception, and of those who would keep people in bondage.

A little known fact about President Reagan was his deep, abiding faith in God. Here is a statement issued by Billy Graham upon learning of the death of the former President:

Ronald Reagan was one of my closest personal friends for many years. Ruth and I spent a number of nights at the White House and had hundreds of hours of conversation with the President and First Lady.

Mr. Reagan had a religious faith deeper than most people knew. Nancy is one of the strongest and most dedicated women I have ever known. She and the children have my love and prayers.

The President was a man of tremendous integrity, based on his religious belief. I visited him and Nancy on numerous occasions in recent years and always had prayer with them. Though her husband was unable to communicate at times, Nancy would say, "When you prayed, I think he knew you were here."

The love between Ronald and Nancy Reagan was an example to the nation. No man ever had a more loyal and loving wife and no children ever had a more loving and faithful mother than Nancy.

Rest in peace, Mr. President.

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