Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Seeds for the Harvest

My good friends Tim and Karen Mead are heading off to Russia tomorrow. They have a ministry, Seeds for the Harvest that brings the gospel to orphans in the city of Ivanovo, a ministry that they pursue with a love worthy of Christ himself. They will be staying for only two weeks, but eventually they will be heading off to Russia, never to come back to the USA (except for a vacation!)

When I think about the death of Ronald Reagan, D-Day, and now my good friends going off to minister amongst the people of a former enemy of the United States, I am amazed at how quickly things can change in this world! In World War 2, we invaded France to help take some of the pressure off our Russian allies, who were advancing against the Germans on the Eastern front. Soon after the war, the Russians became our most bitter enemy, as they pursued a policy of enslavement of peoples around the world, and did so with a system that was openly hostile to the advancement of Christianity. Ronald Reagan will forever be known as the the one president who refused to back down to the Soviet threat, and did everything he knew how to strengthen America in every way that it could possibly be strengthened: morally, militarily, and economically.

Due the constant economic and military pressure, it was the Soviets who eventually folded up an went away, just a couple of years after Reagan left office, and George Bush 'the elder' took over.

Now Tim and Karen are going off to the former enemy of ours, and doing what they can to spread the love and compassion of Jesus amongst those children who have little more than bread to eat and a place to sleep at night.

Please visit their web site, www.seedsfortheharvest.org for more information about their ministry. And do prayerfully consider sending them a few dollars, as they do the best they can to buy provisions for the orphans while there in Russia. (Due to outrageous shipping charges and the Russian mafia, sending things to Russia from the USA is nearly impossible.) I cannot help but praise the LORD that a ministry like theirs can even exist.

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