Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Anglican leader sees church split over gay bishops

Well, many of us saw this one coming...

This just in from Reuters: Anglican leader sees church split over gay bishops

Sexual immorality, including homosexuality, is blatantly condemned in the Bible...both in the Old and New Testaments...and it is also condemned by most of the people of the world outside of the USA and Western Europe (despite what gay political activitist will lead you to believe.)

The reason why sexual imorality of all types is widely condemned in the Bible, as well as by most cultures around the world, has to do with the incredible damage it can do, when not checked. Certainly, most of this damage is pychological and spiritual in nature, but can often ultimately lead to sexual violence like rape, incest, molestation, and pedophalia amongst other things, not to mention the spread of disease.

To most people, this is rather obvious. However, for the left-liberal culture in the Western world, they just don't get it--or, perhaps more accurately, they don't want anyone to impose any restrictions on their almighty quest for the perfect orgasim, whatever form that quest might take.

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