Tuesday, June 13, 2006

JOLLYBLOGGER: Tim Bednar's Paper - "We Know More Than Our Pastors."

Here's an interesting article written last year by David Wayne (a.k.a. JollyBlogger) in response to Tim Bednar's very interesting paper: "We Know More Than Our Pastors."
"Awhile back I listened to a message by Tim Keller where he said that there are still enough traditional people in America that traditional methods of doing church and outreach can work to build a church. But those pools of traditionally minded people are shrinking more and more. Keller advocates listening to those who minister in places like New York City and LA and other major population centers where all of the postmodern, 'cutting edge' stuff is happening. He says that what you see in these places will begin to dominate more and more of the American cultural landscape and so, if we are to get ahead of the curve, we need to pay attention to how the church is ministering in those places."
I agree -- there is still a place for church as we know it, but that place is getting smaller and smaller...


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