Sunday, June 11, 2006

TallSkinnyKiwi: Are We a Movement?

Last year, tall, skinny, kiwi Andrew Jones posted this interesting article on his blog: TallSkinnyKiwi: Are We a Movement?

Of course what he's referring to is the "emerging church" and the question "is the emerging church a movement?" To some of you this might seem like a silly question, but for me personally it is a very important one. It's important, because there is far too much Orwellian double-speak as it is in this horribly politically-correct world of ours, and I don't wish to dismiss a term simply because some theologian sitting in his cubicle at Righteous Almighty Seminary might take offense that the church is still in need of reform. (Probably more so now than ever before!)

One of the "leaders" of the emerging church what-ever decided that is should be labeled a "conversation" rather than a movement. To be honest, I think the word "conversation" is an excellent term for describing the emerging church what-ever, however I think it is a false dichotomy to have to put "conversation" up against "movement" Both are simply descriptive terms, and being one does not mean the other is negated.

For me personally, the emerging church what-ever is definitely, absolutely, no-doubt-about-it, a MOVEMENT. And what a movement it is! And it's also a conversation, one that is only just beginning.

While the THEODICY blog has always been rather general in terms of the articles posted, in the near future there will be a definite MOVEMENT towards emgering church content. Also, the sister site, will now focus mainly on articles about the emerging church/house church movement.


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