Saturday, June 17, 2006

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This is a blog.

The title of one of Thomas Merton's books is No Man Is An Island; a phrase works equally well for blogs: they are best when interconnected with other blogs.

Here at Theodicy, you will see often find links to other people's blogs. Most blogs are the work of a single person, though there are some "team" blogs out there, like GetReligion Truly blogging, more so than any other activity, proves beyond a doubt that no man is an island.

I encourage readers of this blog to explore the many links I've provided to other blogs of interest. Listing links to other blogs you read is known as a blogroll, and is a common feature you will find on just about blog. My list of blogs appears on the right hand side of this screen, underneath the archives. Let me give a short explanation of the way I've grouped the blogs:

GOD BLOGS - Christians who blog about various aspects of Christianity, from Catholicism to Calvinism, with a bit of emerging church thrown in for good measure.

SILLY BLOGS - Blogs done with comedy in mind. The few I listed here are some of the most hilarious things you will ever read.

BLOG BLOGS - Blogs that don't easily fit into any one category, or are somewhat general in their content. Right now I only list the excellent Hud's Blog-O-Rama, but more will be added in the near future. As a mater of fact, more blogs will be added to all the categories listed here, and perhaps some new categories will be created...

MEGA BLOGS - These guys are the stars of the blog-o-sphere, and have literally thousands, if not millions of readers. Most provide very insightful commentary on current events.

So please enjoy exploring these other blogs, you'll be very glad you did!


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