Saturday, July 22, 2006

A Christian Response to Muslim Aggression against Israel

Sign seen at recent pro-Hezbollah rally in USA
For more pictures, see El Marco's photos.

As I write this, Israeli troops are getting ready for ground war in South Lebanon, to root out the forces of Hezbollah; a Jew hating, Muslim supplied and funded private militia. Israel is launching this attack after Hezbollah militants went on a cross-border raid into Israel, killing eight soldiers and capturing two. Hezbollah has also being firing a variety of unguided missiles into Northern Israel, causing widespread damage and various civilian causalities. The reason for these actions by Hezbollah are to support another Jew-hating, Muslim backed & funded terrorist organization: Hamas; who went on it's own cross-border raid to kill and kidnap Israeli soldiers.

As a Christian, I am completely fed-up with Islam. There has never been a group of people on this earth, since the fall of Nazi Germany who have done so much to kill, steal and destroy. (see Atlas Shrugs' blog for some interesting Nazi/Arab connections) And I'm not just talking about Hamas and Hezbollah; Islam as a whole must be made to be held responsible for it's actions, Sunni's and Shiite's alike. They are nothing but a menace to all civilized peoples (let alone themselves!), and have nothing but hate, murder and evil in their hearts. I have nothing but the strongest condemnation for Muslims and their entire hell spawned "religious" system, which is nothing more than a means to foster intolerance, hate and violence against non-Muslims. It is no more a religion than Nazism can said to be a religion.

As Christians, we must condemn, and condemn strongly any group that uses violence and terror to further it's agenda, whether they be Muslims, Hindus, Jews, Buddhists, Communists, Republicans, Democrats or even fellow Christians. Violence and hate are two things no Christian can tolerate whether it be within themselves or without, and those who use violence as the primary means of furthering their cause must be held accountable.

Muslim Baby Picture -- notice that the LOADED clip has been removed from the pistol!

It is obvious, from anyone who has even casually followed the news in their lifetime, that Islamic forces are on a rampage of murder, mayhem and violence that has not been seen in many centuries. The most recent attacks against Israel, as stupid as they seem, are doing us a great service by demonstrating with utmost clarity the insane level of hated that Muslims have for the Jews in particular, and the West in general. Whether they hate Jews because they are an agent of Western culture, or whether they hate Jews because they are Jews makes little difference, the hate is plain for all to see. No longer can Muslims hide behind the charade of Israeli aggression, as it is very clear that Hamas and Hezbollah are the aggressors in this instance. (And, as a matter of fact, Muslims have been the aggressors in every single instance of Arab/Israeli war.)

But we shouldn't fall for the charade that Hamas and Hezbollah--along with every other hate-filled Muslim terrorist organization--is simply a bunch of extremists acting beyond the bounds of Islam. Islam, when taken seriously, produces the likes of Hamas and Hezbollah just as surely as Christianity taken seriously produces Mother Teresas' and Heidi Bakers'. Hamas and Hezbollah enjoy widespread popular support throughout the entire Muslim world, even from Muslims here in the United States. The Islamic system is a system of hate and violence, a system that seeks to suppress and destroy all that is not Muslim. There is no love, no mercy, no compassion towards non-Muslims in Islam, there are only Muslims, and those who are yet to be converted or destroyed.

Recent demonstrations here in the United States proves the point:

DETROIT -- In recent days, thousands of Arab-Americans have rallied here in response to the Middle East conflict. At one mosque, 200 people applauded a speaker who called Israelis "barbaric" and "not human" and accused Israel of having secret chemical weapons that destroy the internal soft tissues of Arabs. In nearby Dearborn, adults and children jammed the streets to cheer for the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah. (from the July 22 Wall Street Journal)
These are not the words and actions of a group of people who are lovers of life and truth. Their truth is that the Jews must die, that anything that Israel does to defend itself is automatically wrong, because they are Jews.

I'm absolutely sick and tired of the Muslims harping and complaining that Israel is killing "civilians" every time they retaliate for attacks against their own people. There is not one word of condemnation against Hezbollah for launching unguided rockets in to Israeli population centers, but they cry and complain and kick and scream should one Israeli bomb hit a house where terrorists rockets and weapons are stored, much like this reaction from a Lebanese man living in Detroit:

Osama Siblani, publisher of Detroit's Arab-American News, says that "our Jewish cousins" in Detroit should try to understand why Detroit Arab-Americans cheer for Hezbollah and rail against Israeli bombings that have killed Lebanese civilians. Because of the Holocaust, he says, Jews know what it's like to have their homes destroyed and their children killed. "Arabs are expressing their frustration, not their hatred," he says. "We are angry and wounded. The Jewish community should be the first ones to rally with us." (from the July 22 Wall Street Journal)
Yes, Jews understand the Holocaust: it was caused by people who decided they were "barbaric" and "not human" --now, the same attitudes which are par for the course in the Muslim world.

So as a Christian, I strongly condemn the actions of Hamas and Hezebollah, and I strongly condemn anyone who takes their side. They are instruments of hate and violence, and anyone who sides with them are lovers of violence. The defensive measures taken by Israel are completely justified, and even deserved. May they destroy Hezbollah utterly and completely, as Hezbollah has sought Israel's destruction.

At one time I was willing to give Islam the benefit of a doubt, and believe that there was some spark of goodness within that system. But it's becoming increasingly clear that Islam is the greatest force of evil on this planet, and to tolerate it's existence is to tolerate evil incarnate.

Islam is rallying behind the sword that is the symbol of their religion, as it is enshrined on the national flag of Saudi Arabia:

As it is written in the Good News: "all who draw the sword will die by the sword" (Matthew 26:52 NIV)

My prayer is that Muslims will rise up and renounce the violence and hatred that runs rampant throughout their world, and will renounce Islam entirely, as a religion of war and hate. If they don't renounce these things, then not even God will be able to help them. Their condemnation and destruction will be justified, and the violence, hate and lies which has been pouring out the of their mouths will rest upon themselves instead, just like it did with Nazi Germany.

We as Christians need not take up arms against Islam, nor even do anything the least bit violent or hateful. Our warfare must by on our knees, and be done in prayer closets and prayer meetings. We must pray for the salvation of the Muslims, and for the salvation of the Jews. But we must also pray for justice to be done, and the unjust sometimes need to be punished.


Christapundit said...

I think it is perfectly ok to defend ourselves, as Christians, against a barbaric monster like islam. I agree we should not use agression to advance Christianity.

I think full force in required to beat Islam. I think we should stop all this PC crap about tolerance, too, it is only allowing Islam to fill the West with sleeper cells.

Anonymous said...

You both sicken me. Here we have a religion that has a population ranking in the billions, and you two focus on a TINY percentage of EXTREMISTS who claim to use the otherwise peaceful religion of Islam in the name of death and destruction. Like any other religious extremists, they rationalize and "interpret" religious texts in their violence-related favor.
You judge an entire religion based on a few wackjobs which is simply illogical. And you act as if people have never killed in the name of Jesus and/or Christianity!!!! ARE YOU SERIOUS!?!?! Have you not picked up a history book and read about the Crusades, the Inquisition, the Witch hunts, and the Protestant violence in Ireland? Islam's CORE belief system revolves around the acceptance of all religions, just because a few wackjobs (out how many people?) claim to represent Islam doesn't make it so. Christianity can encourage Peace and Love - but it certainly need not, and it quite often has done just the opposite. Although the people responsible for violence might have found a way to express their hatred without Christianity, it cannot be ignored that Christianity offers a convenient divine mandate for hatred and violent acts against a wide range of people.
Yet you can make the same argument about ANY religion, because at its center are human beings! Your paranoid delusions about "sleeper cells" only serve to reflect your ignorance and bigotry that is destroying this country and CAUSING "all this PC crap" to begin with. If people would stop being so fucking judgemental of different cultures we wouldnt have to be so worried about offending everyone. Please understand that your thinking reflects just as much intolerance and hatred as the very muslim extremists you condemn. Try going back to the basics of Christianity, love your neighbor and please don't infuse this world with any more hatred.