Monday, July 31, 2006

Religion Kills

Religion kills. Just take a look at the current crisis in the Mid-East and you will have all the proof you need that religion kills. Hezbollah did not kill and capture Israeli soldiers and fire unguided rockets at Israeli towns just because they're bored. They are doing it because Israel itself is occupied land; occupied by the disgusting, filthy Jews rather than it's rightful inhabitants: those who follow Allah. So the Muslims get themselves into a needlessly stupid war, trying to kill those who are the usurpers of Muslim land, and only end up getting mostly themselves killed instead.

And now, to make this tragic comedy complete, we have the "world community" condemning Israel for killing Muslims in their war against Hezbollah, but not a peep of a complaint about Hezbollah's militant actions against Israel which are the cause of this whole conflict to begin with.

I guess, according to the opinion of the world community, it's OK to kill Jews, but the Jews are not allowed to retaliate, especially if it should cause their tormentors pain and suffering. This only proves one thing: the world has gone insane. Those of you who are ignorant of world history may not realize that the Allies (Britain, US, France) killed more "innocent people" in the few years of World War II than Israel has in all of it's wars these past 60 years. (Shoot, the Allies killed more "innocent" people in one WW2 bombing raid than Israel has killed in 60 years of war: check the figures on the bombing of Nagasaki, Hiroshima, Tokyo, or Dresden)

But back to the main point, and that which makes this whole farce even more tragic than it already is: Hezbollah is not wanting to kill Jews for political or economic reasons. It's not because Israel is oppressing the people of Lebanon, nor is it due to some bizarre, abstract ideological imperative (like Communism for instance…) Hezbollah is killing Jews because they are not Muslims. And the world community is increasingly taking Hezbollah's side in this conflict.

Meanwhile Israel is killing Muslims because they are sick and tired of being killed by them. Only a minority of the Jews in Israel are truly practicing, religious Jews…most are left-leaning, secular materialists, who no more want to pray to God than to a statue of Adolph Hitler. (Though there are signs that the Jews in Israel are increasingly taking their ancient faith more seriously.) If there is a religious or economic motive for Israel's attacks on Hezbollah, no one I know has offered one, and Israel certainly isn't claiming any. As a matter of fact, the Israeli offensive against Hezbollah is at tremendous economic cost, let alone the cost of "world opinion" whatever that's worth now-a-days.

So what does the left-leaning leaders of the free world do? They condemn Israel for defending itself, and give the ultra-ultra-right wing extremists Hezbollah as much aid and comfort as they can get away with: yet more proof that the world has gone totally insane. Yes, the bloodthirsty, militant, pathological murderers of the blatantly religious organization called Hezbollah are on the side of righteousness, because Israel is beating their butt. All you have to do to be a darling of the left is claim unfair treatment, and the Ralph Naders of the world will trip over each other rallying to your cries of oppression, whether or not those cries are justified doesn't really matter.

But listen to what this young, apostate Muslim says about Islam:
I will be blunt. Islam does not value life. It does not value love. It does not value progression or enlightenment. The only thing Islam values is the worship of a god. And not just any god, but a brutal war god who commands his children to kill one another. You often hear lukewarm and moderate Muslims saying that fundamentalists, Wahhabists and Islamists do not represent true Islam. They are lying. It is they who are not following true Islam.

As afraid of Islam as the West is, the truth is Islam is much more afraid of the West and the changing 21st century world. It is out of fear that the radical cleric orders a fatwa against apostates and critics of the faith. It was out of fear that millions of imbeciles protested and spewed hatred at the Danish people, a non-Muslim people who were simply exercising their right to free speech in their own country. It was fear that made a pathetic young thug butcher Theo Van Gogh for exercising his free speech rights in his own non-Muslim country. Any critique or truth seeking sojourn into what makes Islam tick is ferociously set upon by the Muslim world's mobs, because they are deathly afraid and insecure about the religion that they value more than the lives of their children.

[You can read the full comment here: Leaving Islam. Thanks to Atlas Shrugs for the link.]

It bears repeating. If you don't remember anything else you read from this blog, remember this one statement from this former Muslim:
The only thing Islam values is the worship of a god. And not just any god, but a brutal war god who commands his children to kill one another. You often hear lukewarm and moderate Muslims saying that fundamentalists, Wahhabists and Islamists do not represent true Islam. They are lying. It is they who are not following true Islam.
The leaders of the "free" world are running to line-up behind the worst example of this type of Islam: Hezbollah. If the darling of world opinion is a murderous, fascist, treacherous bunch of terrorists, then this world does not have long to last.

One last quote from another person who has woken up to the reality of true Islam:
I took a class on Islam in college many years ago and was impressed with what I heard. The few Muslims I knew were examples of people who really took their faith seriously. It was only when I dug deeper and got to know them as more than classmates that the rigidity of Islam became clear to me. The Muslims I spoke with (even converts) hated Jews. They had no problem with executing people who convert from Islam. They dreamed of the day when the Ummah will be in power everywhere and all of us will live under the laws of the Quran. They held dogs to be filthy animals unworthy of comfort or life(dogs!!) and believed that if you fart or sneeze during salat you had to start over again.

I have met many Christians, atheists and some Zoroastrians from Muslim-dominated countries and they all say the same thing - Islam is a religion that only knows oppression. To convert from Islam can mean death. To disparage the **Holy** Prophet can mean death or beatings from neighbors. Non-Muslim women are required to wear hijab. It is illegal to discuss Christianity or any other religion in a way that posits it as superior to Islam.

The stories in [the book] Leaving Islam ring true to me and I have no reason to think that they are made up. The only people who say so are Muslims who would probably hang us all for being infidels if they had the power to do it. We ignore the danger of Islam at our peril, and Europe is already further along than we are on the road to the dark ages of another Islamic ascendancy if they do not wake up and smell the jihad.

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