Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Operation Mag-Neato

Operation Mag-Neato

Iowahawk is urging all red-blooded American's to help out with Operation Mag-Neato. The purpose: to send your old, your tired, your forgotten refrigerator magnets to Dr. Darren Lee so he can spif up his Humvee.

The above picture shows the current progress of Operation Mag-Neato, but more magnets are still needed! So do your duty as an American, and send your extra refrigerator magnets to Iraq TODAY!:
Dr. Darren Lee
FOB Brassfield Mora
APO AE 09349
Who knows? Perhaps it will be your refrigerator magnet that turns the tide of war, and brings justice, peace, and the American Way to those poor, tired men and women of Iraq. At the very least, it might put a smile on the face of a weary soldier.

Of course this effort is not limited to just Americans--any world citizen who wishes to donate their refrigerator magnets are welcome to do so.

For more info, check out this link: Humpday Dumpday

For Doc Lee's blog, click here: Blatheration.
Check out his blog for his latest mailing address, as it changes frequently.

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