Sunday, July 02, 2006

When Heaven Invades Earth

One of the most challenging books I've ever read is a small, short (190 pages) book by AoG Pastor Bill Johnson entitled When Heaven Invades Earth. Here is a wonderful quote from a passage I just read today:

I travel to many cities that are spiritually very dark. When you enter such cities you can feel the oppression. Considering what I represent to that city, it would be wrong for me to focus on the darkness. I don't ever want to be impressed with the devil's work. I come as a house of God. As such I contain a gate to heaven, with a ladder providing angelic activities according to the need of the moment. Simply put, I am an open heaven! This does not apply to a select few. On the contrary, this revelation is about the house of God and the principles of the house apply to all believers. But few realize or implement this potential blessing. With an open heaven I become a vehicle in the hand of God to release the resources of heaven into the calamities of mankind. Angels are commissioned to carry out the will of God. "Bless the Lord, you His angels, who excel in strength, who do His word, heeding the voice of His word." He is more eager to invade this world than we are able to receive the

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Tim Mead said...

SUCH a GREAT book. We found this title as a result of Roland and Heidi Baker. Its on their must read list! Really, this will NOT make you feel comfortable, and it WILL blow away a lot of old ideas if you let it work on you!

theodicy said...

Hi Tim!

Thanks for mentioning Roland and Heidi Baker...they too have a book out that is just as challenging as "When Heaven Invades Earth." Their book is called Always Enough and is a simply biography and narrative about their ministry efforts in Asia and Africa. One word review: WOW!

So get Johnson's and the Baker's book, you won't be sorry!

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