Saturday, August 05, 2006

10 soldiers hurt in raid on Tyre

The Jewish news source Ynet is reporting that 10 IDF soldiers were hurt in raid on Tyre.

There are four main reasons why I linked to this story:

1.) Israel is using helicopter assualts to strike at Hezbollah targets deep within Lebanon, remincent of American air mobile warfare during Vietman. This is not just a classical "frontal assualt" type of war, like something you'd see in a "Lord of the Rings" movie.

2.) Hezbollah is proving to by quite a match for the Israeli army, but that is to be expected considering their is no element of surprise, and even a military iditot could figure out that Israel can basically only come at you from one direction. The IDF reports that seven terrorists were killed in their little raid, but ten IDF commandos were injured, two severly. Also Hezbollah has been receiving advanced training at the hands of the Iranians along with advanced weapons systems.

3.) Proof that the Lebanese Army is actively backing Hezbollah: in this article, and in the video, we see an Lebanese M113 armored personal carrier with some sort of 20mm anti-aircraft gun mounted on top, which has obviously been disabled by enemy fire. Hezbollah has no armor of any kind, this M113 was taken out because it was firing on IDF helicopters.

4.) It's interesing that Tyre is the "never center" for rocket attacks against Israel. It is mentioned by name in Psalm 83, which was written by King David 2500 years ago! Seems like poor Israel got resurrected to the same enemies it's been fighting for thousands of years. Some things just never change...

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