Tuesday, August 08, 2006

U.S. - French Alliance at the U.N. Reportedly Crumbling

Well, no surprise here: FOX reports that the U.S. - French Alliance at the U.N. Is Reportedly Crumbling

France has agreed with the Arabs that before ANY cease-fire agreement is in place, Israel must leave all of Lebanon. I guess the Hezbollah terrorists are tired of having to move their launchers around continuously, trying to avoid Israeli shell fire.

Of course you students of history out there already know that Israel has left Lebanon on NUMEROUS occasions, only having to re-invade the joint because Hezbollah conveniently forgets their end of the bargain: stop inciting Israel by firing rockets and kidnapping troops.

What this means is that there isn't going to be a cease-fire deal anytime soon, as Israel would be the biggest sucker in the world to fall for the word of the Arabs. So far every deal Israel ever reached to end hostilities in Lebanon or Palestine has ended up causing more conflict, not greater peace.

But then the left-wing government in Israel might take any olive branch thrown in their general direction, whether or not it's to their benefit. The reason: they do not seem to have the stomach to fight this thing to a military conclusion, nor is a military solution within the realm of possibility. But then again, a non-military solution is not in the realm of possibility either.

All that the leaving of Lebanon will accomplish is the re-arming and strengtheing of Hezbollah, just as it did the LAST time Israel left Lebanon...

Oh what a mess this is...

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