Thursday, August 10, 2006

Government and IDF racked by unprecedented leadership crisis

There has been a lot of chatter on the Israeli blogs/sites about the wishy-washy nature of Israel's current left-wing leadership, and the problems it has caused the IDF. Now Jonathan Ariel has a report that seems to confirm the leadership crisis, and he reports that the IDF Chief of Staff is also causing problems: Government and IDF racked by unprecedented leadership crisis.


"Relations between the country's political and military leadership are at the lowest point in the country's history, on the verge of a crisis. In addition, there is a growing lack of confidence between Chief of Staff Dan Halutz, the first CoS to hail from the air force, and many of his general staff colleagues from the ground forces, who say he and his 'blue clique' [blue being the color of the air force uniform-ed] do not fully appreciate the nature of ground warfare. "

(Thanks to Free Republic for the link.)

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