Tuesday, August 08, 2006

FOXNews.com - Reporter's Notebook: Biding Their Time

An interesting post from a FOX reporter on the scene near Tyre: Biding Their Time. From his nice, international hotel, he has a wonderful view of the daily launching of rockets at Israel.

Here's an interesting note in his post:
A note here: By the third day of dutifully recording those Katyusha launchings, we were advised in the most direct terms that it would not be a healthy thing for us to continue to do. Scattered among the international media were representatives of the Hezbollah militia. And like any military organization, they are worried about operation security. They figure that the Israeli defense teams in Tel Aviv might actually be tuned in to FOX, and real-time displays of rocket firings could help Israel in its targeting ability)."

Unhealthy indeed.

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